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Kinmen's shopping districts


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Explore Kinmen's shopping districts

Kinmen's top three shopping districts are Houpu in Jincheng Township, Shanwai in Jinhu Township, and Shamei in Jinsha Township. These districts have plenty to offer, accommodating to the needs of both travelers and locals. You can find distinctive cuisines, souvenirs, daily commodities and a lot of fun. Plan your trip to Kinmen starting with a visit to the shopping districts!

Jincheng Township

Houpu Shopping District

Houpu Shopping District Location Map


  • - A half-day strolling trip in Houpu is recommended.
  • - A number of gift shops can be found in areas around Model Street.
  • - Renowned restaurants and stores are usually very crowded on holidays, so it could get a bit time-consuming visiting those places.

Originally known as Houpu, Jincheng is Kinmen's political and economic center, and the most prosperous area in modern-day Kinmen. Other than historical sites, many prominent establishments and stores are located here. Walking is in fact the best way to tour Jincheng. Kinmen Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty, the Chastity Arch for Qiu Liang-Gong's Mother, and Wujian Academy are historical sites worthy of a slow-paced visit. Model Street not only features old architectures but also new creative stores. Houpu 16 Arts Zone is where young artists are given a platform to express their talent. And of course, you must not miss out on the traditional snacks like oyster fritter, baked egg roll, Cantonese congee, and savory rice cake. Come find out why Houpu is voted top ten tourist town in Taiwan!

Must-try cuisines

Tourists attractions in Houpu

Jinhu Township

Shanwai Shopping District

Shanwai Shopping District Shanwai Location Map


  • - The largest duty-free store in Asia is here in Shanwai.
  • - Hot and cold tangyuan ice is very popular during summer.
  • - Don't miss out on the mouthwatering beef noodles featuring the beef of Kinmen Yellow Cow.

Fuxing Road in Jinhu Township is undoubtedly the most visited area by travelers. It has the renowned sweet fermented tangyuan and beef noodles featuring the beef of Kinmen Yellow Cow. There are also plenty of bubble tea shops that especially appeal to foreign tourists. Among all, the spacious duty-free store is a great attraction that offers it all. It has accommodation, shops and a theater. Last but not least, don't forget about the gift shops on Fuxing Road where you can get local souvenirs.

Must-try cuisines

Tourists attractions in Shanwai

Jinsha Township

Shamei Shopping District

Shamei Shopping District Shamei Location Map


  • - Wonton with extra fillings is a very special local dish.
  • - Renowned Shaobing (Chinese flatbread) shops usually require pre-order.
  • - It is where you can find traditional pastries made using ancient methods.

Jinsha Township is relatively distant from the harbor and airport. Hence, the place features a more authentic lifestyle. The most well maintained old village is preserved here at Kinmen Folk Culture Village, a must-visit attraction for in-depth travelers. Shamei Old Street is a shopping district of a smaller scale, but it accommodates an intense number of stores. There is a century-old theater surrounded by renowned local shops selling shaobing, wonton with extra fillings, a dish favored by soldiers in the past, and traditional pastries made using ancient methods. Gourmets would always overcome the distance to Jinsha Old Street just to enjoy the cuisines.

Must-try cuisines

Tourists attractions in Shamei