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Beautiful Houpu Walking Tour




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Suggested length of tour 0.5 Days

Category Suggested Itineraries、Guided tour

Suggested Modes of Transportation Walking


Qing Dynasty Military Headquarters (point of departure) →Beizhen Temple →General Lu's Mansion→ Chen Family Ancestral Shrine →Houbu Temple of Martial God (Neiwu Temple) →Kinmen's Zhuzi Shrine →Mashe Temple (Waiwu Temple) →Wudao Chenghuang Temple →Chen Shih-Yin Western-Styled Building →Kuixing Tower →Chastity Arch of Qiu Liang-Gong's Mother→Lingji Temple→Mofan Street (end)

Jincheng, located on the southwest side of Kinmen, is the most populous township in the County, called by the name Houpu in ancient times, the Township already gained considerable size during the Tang and Song dynasties, and had even become a political and economic center during the Qing dynasty.

There are many historic monuments preserved in town, especially around the Juguang Road area, such as the Lingji Ancient Temple, which was built during the Tang dynasty. Next to the Temple stands the magnificent Chastity Arch for Qiu Liang-gong's mother. There are also the Qing Dynasty Military Headquarters, Kuige (Kuixing Tower) and Wujiang Academy on Zhupu North Road for your visit.

You will find plenty of ancient Hokkien-style houses as well as western buildings around Juguang Road, Zhupu East Road and Guangqian Road area.

Other than those, the Mofan Street is the most beautiful shopping street in Jincheng with a Taisho-period atmosphere. HouPu was elected the Top 10 Small Tourist Towns by a nationwide poll.


Free of charge; tour guide service is provided.


19:30 daily
Guide only speaking Chinese
Apply on spot. Inquiry number +886-82-371717