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Explore Kinmen

About Kinmen

Is your impression of Kinmen only comprised of battlefield historic sites, Kaoliang (sorghum liquor), and ancient buildings?

Kinmen has become the latest social media check-in hotspot! For an exotic trip, you can find a European-style white church, abandoned yellow dirt houses, and colorful Venetian-like huts. For a cultural trip, you can stroll among the old Western style buildings, villages, and old streets; visit the independent shops in the art and cultural districts, sip coffee in the afternoon and cocktail in the evening!

Feeling tempted? Taiwan island and Kinmen are only a one-hour flight apart. Search for a plane ticket online now. Take your camera with you for a casual and chic trip to Kinmen!

From Taiwan to Kinmen, and between Kinmen islands

Tips for fun activities In Kinmen in all seasons

March to
June to
Kinmen in Spring is full of life and best suited for those who enjoy the nature. Take a dreamy photo with the vast and golden wheat field. Visit the green reefs at Nanshantou Beach. Do not miss out on the romantic “The Sea of Stars” where waves with spots of blue light are continuously hitting the shore. It is considered a must-see in a lifetime!
Travel tips
  • March to April is the wheat season in Kinmen. Endless wheat fields make the perfect photo spot.
  • March to May is the best time to visit the green reefs where the green algae and blue ocean waves meet.
  • To see the “The Sea of Stars” be sure to take advantage of the limited time from April to June.
The Sea of Stars
The Sea of Stars
The natural wonder of green reefs
Green reefs
In summer, clam digging is a popular beach activity in Kinmen. This fun activity is common to Kinmen people and it is suitable to adults and children of all ages. Get a bucket and a small shovel, dig some clams for your dinner! Blue-tailed bee-eaters are summer migratory birds known in Kinmen. They come in April to September to breed. Their colorful feather and fairy-like presence can be appreciated up-close in Kinmen, but not on Taiwan island. Do not miss out when you visit.
Travel tips
  • During low tide, Chenggong, Shangyi, Houhu, and Oucuo beaches are good spots for clam digging.
  • April to September is the best time to see the “Summer Fairy,” blue-tailed bee-eaters around Ci Lake Triangle Fortress and Qingnian Farm.
Clam digging at the beach
Clam digging at the beach
Blue-tailed bee-eaters
Blue-tailed bee-eaters
Bo Bing during Mid-Autumn Festival is a tradition in Kinmen with more than 300 years of history. During lunar August, you can hear sounds of dices being thrown all around the island. Shops will hold games and offer prizes to winning customers too. Veterans who have served in Kinmen are invited back during the “Veteran Call-back” event in autumn to share memories, play games, and receive souvenirs. The golden sorghum fields are also a must-visit during this period.
Travel tips
  • Celebrate Mid-Autumn in Kinmen. Play the traditional Bo Bing game to win prizes.
  • Veterans return to Kinmen to share memories and participate in games to win souvenirs of special Kaoliang (sorghum liquor).
  • September to October is the sorghum harvest season. Jinsha and Jinning are recommended spots for enjoying the farm scenery.
Farm scenery
Farm scenery
Bo Bing on Mid-Autumn
Bo Bing on Mid-Autumn
Tens of thousands of Siberian cormorants flying to Kinmen to spend winter is a world-class ecological wonder not to be missed. It is cold in the morning and at night in winter; but during the day it will be warm in the sun and therefore perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling for enjoying the serene island atmosphere.
Travel tips
  • October to March next year is the best time to see cormorants returning to their nests at Ci Lake and Yangming Lake.
  • Bring windproof and warm clothes.
Tens of thousands of migratory birds
Migratory birds
Battlefield historic sites
Battlefield historic sites

Tips for attractions

Four themed trips of Kinmen

Pink lake
Pink lake

The best social media photo spots

In Kinmen, besides visiting the historic buildings and social media check-in points, do not miss out on the time-limited natural wonders. You would have to wait for a whole other year for the next opportunity.

During low tide only

Jiangong Islet, Oucuo Tank Destroyer, Tashan Power Plant Fueling Dock

Time-limited natural wonders

Pink lake in spring and summer. Cormorants at Ci Lake in winter.

Season-limited scenery

Green reefs in March to May; The Sea of Stars and wheat fields in April to June; sorghum fields in October.

The Sea of Stars

Popular Posting Spots

Change into ancient costumes and take retro fashion photos in the streets

Change into ancient costumes and take retro fashion photos in the streets

Through the Hokkien settlements and in the serene and retro atmosphere, take a photo to capture this special moment of you and Kinmen.

Recommended attractions

Qionglin Village, Shuitou Village, Zhushan Village, Shanhou Village, and Guningtou Village

Traditional Houses

Wind Lion God

Spot a local celebrity in the alleys: searching for Wind Lion God

There are numerous Wind Lion God statues all around Kinmen. Some with funny expressions, and some with stern faces. You are invited to search for Wind Lion God in the streets and alleys. They will become great memories of your Kinmen trip.

Recommended attractions

Qionglin Wind Lion God, Anqi Wind Lion God, Zhonglan Wind Lion God, Guanao Wind Lion God

About Wind Lion God

Shishan (Mt. Lion) Howitzer Front
Shishan (Mt. Lion) Howitzer Front

Must-see in Kinmen: the shocking battlefield historic sites

Having been through the Battle of Guningtou and Battle of Daerdan (also known as Battle of Dadan Island), many historic ruins can be found in Kinmen. Now that the war is long over, these sites turned into popular social media check-in points with unique retro atmosphere.

Recommended attractions

Houlin Military Base and Shooting Simulator, Shishan (Mt. Lion) Howitzer Front, Beishan Broadcasting Wall, Zhaishan Tunnel, Shaxi Fort, and Dadan Island

Special Interests (War Sites)

Local cuisine

The must-eats of Kinmen

Besides peanut candy and dried beef, there are much more to Kinmen delicacies! Oyster fritters, Hokkien-style shaobing (clay oven rolls) highly recommended by locals, and creamy Cantonese congee: inheriting Hokkien food culture and integrating local ingredients, Kinmen cuisine is much different from that of Taiwan Island and very memorable to all the visitors to Kinmen.


Local breakfast items

Guangdong congee with Yóutiáo (fried bread stick), Dan-bing (Taiwanese omelet), Peanut Soup, Xiaolongbao (steamed pork dumplings), Vermicelli soup, Shāobǐng

Eating in Kinmen


Six classic delicacies

Rock oysters, Spent grain beef, Kinmen banquet soup, Fried instant noodles, Potstickers, Fried peanut worms, Kamenote

Special Kinmen Food


Drinks and desserts

Kaoliang (sorghum liquor) mixed drinks, Taro Shaved Ice, Manjian Cake, Kachia Cookie, Bean Kueh

Stay a night

Experience the daily life of Kinmen

More accommodations
Stay at an ancient house B&B
Stay at an ancient house B&B

All the ancient houses in Kinmen are telling stories of the past. The retro atmosphere also makes great photo opportunities. Stay here for one night and enjoy the unique way of life of old settlements.

Backpackers’ top choice
Backpackers’ top choice

Trying to find low-budget and convenient accommodations in Kinmen? Hostels will be your first choice to have a good night’s sleep and meet other travelers.

Camping is great fun!
Camping is great fun!

That’s right, you can camp in Kinmen! To see night sky without light pollution and enjoy quiet nights without street noises, try camping in Kinmen.

Recommended camp site

Zhongshanlin campground

Getting around Kinmen


Get a car at the airport.Driving around is easy.

Getting around Kinmen

If you would like to drive around Kinmen, you can:

  • Pick a car or motorcycle rental from the many available at Shangyi Airport.
  • Book a car before departure from one of the rentals or online ticket booking sites.

Kind reminders:
be sure to bring your national ID and drivers’ license.

Getting around Kinmen: Taxis, buses, and public bikes

Guided Taxi Tour:

Hiring a taxi for a whole day in Kinmen costs about 3,000 to 5,000NTD. You can reserve a taxi with guided tour by phone.

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle:

Sightseeing bus with eight routes in Kinmen. For more information, please visit the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle website.

Guided Taxi Tour

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

Island hopping in Kinmen: Go across the Kinmen Bridge and head over to Little Kinmen.

Kinmen Bridge was officially opened on October 30, 2022. It connects Kinmen and Little Kinmen(Lieyu). It spans a total length of 5.41 kilometers, with a maximum span of about 200 meters. From the bridge, you can enjoy stunning views of the coastlines of both Kinmen and Little Kinmen , as well as the dazzling, colorful nightscape of Xiamen City. Kinmen Bridge greatly facilitates convenient transportation for locals and visitors!

Getting there

  • Little Kinmen:

    To reach Little Kinmen, you can take a bus, drive a car, ride a scooter or bicycle, or even walk across Kinmen Bridge. With these diverse transportation options, you can enjoy the surrounding blue sea views from the bridge and easily reach Little Kinmen for a unique wartime culture tour!

Act now and start your trip to Kinmen!

In Kinmen, in the sunshine and under the blue sky, you can unveil its mysterious military past, enjoy the soft white sand and cool sea water, and taste local delicacies. Are you tempted? Search for a plane ticket now!