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What to Bring


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Travel essentials:
passport, international driver's license, personal medicine

Passport is essential when you travel to Kinmen via airway from Taiwan. Scooters and electric scooters are the best vehicles to take you on adventures in search of wind lion gods scattered around Kinmen. International driver's license and other supporting documents are required for rental. Also, remember to bring your personal medicine for emergencies or any physical discomfort that occur during your trip.

international driver's license
personal medicine

Travel tips

The temperature in Kinmen changes drastically within a day. The temperature at noon during summer can be over 30°C under the relentless sun. Hence, sun protection is essential when traveling to Kinmen during summer. In winter, the weather gets cold and dry due to the strong Northeast monsoon. In addition to warm clothing, moisturizing skin care products are important as well. Most important of all, remember to bring your camera along with a memory card and extra batteries because the beauty of Kinmen is definitely worth capturing.

Learn about tide times

Learn about tide times

If you plan to visit Jiangong Islet, go birdwatching or observe creatures in the intertidal zone, you must pay attention to the tide. Visitors are advised to check the opening hours of the islet online prior to your visit.

Link: Jiangong Islet Tidal Information

Check mobile phone reception

Check mobile phone reception

Since Kinmen is very close to Xiamen geographically, mobile phones often accidentally pick up reception from service providers in China when travelers visit Kinmen. Please beware of the situation and prevent using international roaming unknowingly lest you will receive a very expensive telephone bill.

Bring a camera and telescopes

Bring a camera and telescopes
Kinmen is a birding heaven where you can see blue-tailed bee-eater, a unique summer migratory bird, and a spectacular scene of cormorants in winter. Bird enthusiasts and general tourists alike enjoy watching these lovely birds with telescopes, so make sure you have one in hand.

Potentially overweight souvenirs

Potentially overweight souvenirs
Kinmen offers a variety of souvenirs including Gong Candy, Kaoliang wine, vermicelli and Minnan-style shaobing. These irresistible gifts can be quite heavy added all together. Visitors are advised to make use of the store-to-airport or home delivery service offered by some shops.