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18 FAQs

  • You have a choice of taxi or bus. A taxi costs around NT$300, and takes around 20-30 min. The bus costs NT$24 (2 rides at NT$12 each).
    There's no direct bus route between the ferry terminal and airport, but if you have 60-90 min available, you can go by bus by first going to Jincheng Bus Station on any one of the number 7 buses, and then changing at Jincheng Bus Station to a number 3 or Blue 1 bus. You shouldn't have to wait much longer than a half hour to catch one of the number 7 buses from the ferry terminal to Jincheng Bus station. They take between 10 and 20 min to get to the Jincheng Bus Station.
    From there to the airport, the number 3 bus leaves the Jincheng Bus Station on the hour every hour between 7am and 8pm, taking just under a half hour to get to the airport. The Blue 1 bus leaves the Jincheng Bus Station on the half hour every hour between 7:30am and 5:30pm, taking about 15 min to reach the airport.
  • You have a choice of bus or taxi. The bus costs NT$12 (one direct ride), and once you're on the bus, takes about 15 min. A taxi costs about NT$250 and takes about 10 min.
    If you take the bus, you shouldn't have to wait much longer than a half hour at the ferry terminal for a bus. Bus numbers 7, 7A and 7B all go to Jincheng from the ferry terminal, taking about 10-15 min to get to the Jincheng Bus Station, the last stop.
    The number 7 bus arrives at the ferry terminal every hour at about 40 min past the hour, with the first bus arriving at about 06:40, and the last bus at about 21:40.
    Bus 7A arrives at the ferry terminal at about 10 past the hour, these hours: 07:10, 08:10, 10:10, 12:10, 13:10, 14:10, 16:10, 17:10, 18:10 and 19:10.
    Bus 7B arrives at the ferry terminal at about 09:10, 11:10 and 15:10.
  • If you think the main island of Kinmen is quiet, wait 'til you experience Little Kinmen. It's really a get-away-from-it-all place!
    To get there, take the 10-min ferry ride from the main ferry terminal near Shuitou Village. Walk past the large ferry terminal building on your R, heading to the water. In about a minute or two, on your L past the shops, you'll see a small kiosk, at the top of the ramp going down to the small Little Kinmen ferry. Pay before you board at that kiosk--it costs NT$60 one-way. You can pay cash or swipe an Easy Card.
    Bicycles ride on the ferry for free. There's an NT$100 charge for a scooter.
    If you're not traveling with a bicycle or scooter, at the ferry terminal on Little Kinmen, there's a Tourist Information Center which can help with scooter rental. They also have electric bicycles for rent: NT$150/5hrs, with an overtime charge of NT$30/hr.
    There's a K-Bike (public bicycle) rental kiosk about a 10-minute minute walk away from the Tourist Information Center. With your back to the sea, pass the Tourist Information Center, and head left around the coast to the village called Lucuo (羅厝Luó cuò).
  • Yes! The JIncheng Bus Station, ferry terminal and airport all have free luggage lockers. You can't leave anything in them overnight.
    At the Jincheng Bus Station, go see the staff at the Tourist Information Center there. It's open from 8am-6pm. You need to give them your passport and fill in a form. Then, the staff will help you lock up your luggage. The lockers are cleared every day, so remember to get your luggage (and passport!) back before 6pm.
    The luggage locker service at Kinmen Airport is provided by the Shengzu Food (聖祖食品 Shèngzǔshípǐn) store near the departure gate in the airport. It's free, but you need to pay a NT$500 deposit to get the key. Luggage can be dropped off and picked up anytime between 7am and 6pm.
    The luggage storage service in Shuitou Ferry Terminal is open 8am-5pm. It's free. Just ask the staff at the information desk for help. Nothing can be left overnight, as the lockers are cleared at the end of the day.
  • No. The only way to get to Kinmen from the main island of Taiwan is to take a plane. Flights leave from Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung and Chiayi. They all take about an hour.
  • Yes, there are a few, marked with a sign. They're in the airport, ferry terminal building, the 3 main bus stations and at a few of the larger tourist attractions, such as Juguang Tower, Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty, Bada Tower, etc..
    To use this free WiFi, you first need to register: https://itaiwan.taiwan.net.tw/FitTravelRegister.aspx
    Your registration, useful for any of the free wifi all over Taiwan, lasts for 30 days, and can be extended up to 90 days.


  • Yes!
    Technically, you can camp for free in any public space within reason. Obviously, pitching a tent on a military base, or in the middle of a farmer's field or village square wouldn't be acceptable!
    At Houhu Beach, near public toilet and shower facilities, there are a few wooden camping platforms with roofs. They were built for use during the annual summer music festival.
  • Being part of Taiwan, if your mobile phone works in Taiwan, it will also work in Kinmen. Something to watch out for is that mobile phones can accidentally pick up reception from service providers in China. Please be aware of this situation to prevent using international roaming unknowingly lest you receive a very expensive telephone bill after your trip.