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Kinmen Live Camera

High-resolution scenery livestreams just a click away

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What color is Kinmen in today?
You can easily access the clear starry sky, sunrise, sunset, Kinmen Bridge, villages, and communities in Kinmen throughout four seasons online through 4K real-time footage streamed around the clock non-stop. Explore the beauty of Kinmen now!
Jiangong Islet

Jiangong Islet

At low tide, tourists stroll along the slab walkway. At high tide, the magnificent ocean view unfolds before your eyes. Via 4K lenses, you can even spot crabs and birds clearly in the frame. Tune in on the real-time scenery now!

Watch 4K Livestream of Jiangong Islet
134 Highland

134 Highland

Watch the planes taking off and landing here pass through the blue sky, as they take passengers on a new journey.
At night, the gorgeous view of town and the vast starry sky are right before your eyes.
Tune in to the Youtube channel and wait for the shooting star. Make a wish from the bottom of your heart!

Watch 4K Livestream of 134 Highland