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Sishancian Li Family Ancestral Shrine





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        Sisiancian is located south of Meiren Mountain at Jinsha Township in the northeastern part of Kinmen's main island. It and the nearby Dongshancian were known collectively as Shancian. A classic single-clan settlement, all the residents bore the surname Li. The Li clan at Sishancian is descended from Li Sun-Chu, a centurion during the reign of Ming Emperor Hongwu. He was responsible for the defense of the Dadeng and Siaodeng Islands and in 1369 was killed while fighting Japanese pirates at Siaodeng Island. His wife Wu moved with her children to Shansi in Kinmen for support and when the second eldest son Li Shien-Tsung grew up, he moved to Shancian and named his new home "Gueilin". Over time, it grew into a single-surname settlement.

When the descendants of the Sishancian Li family migrated to Singapore and became rich through commerce, before building the two family compounds they decided to first build a family ancestral shrine where future generations could gather to venerate their ancestors. This was an example how traditional Kinmen families preserved their cultural heritage.

The Sishancian Li Family Ancestral Shrine is a classic Kinmen two-doorway, single-courtyard, two-gallery ancestral shrine. The roof was built in the gabled swallowtail and raised ridge style.

The ancestral shrine features very detailed column and beam construction featuring very detailed wood carvings. The beams also feature colorful painted designs and are the highlight of the ancestral shrine. Much of the original architecture has been preserved.

After 1949, the ancestral shrine was occupied by the military and troops garrisoned in the surrounding area. As a result, many propaganda slogans from the period still remain painted on the shrine's exterior walls.




Management Unit Department of Tourism, Kinmem County Government

Address No.22, Xishanqian, Jinsha Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours Not open

Admission charge Free

Recommended length of visit