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Scholar Wu's Abode

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The largest Fujian-style architecture in Lieyu Township.

Both “swallow tail” and “horseback” styles of roof ridge can be found.


Scholar Wu's Abode is located in Shangku, Shangqi Village. Built in Daoguang 20th year (1840) of Qing dynasty, it is the largest old house on Lieyu Island. Built by Wu Jingshan, a businessman who made his fortune by operating a shipping business and salt fields in Shangku, the format of the house is a “Sanheyuan” with double-layered extensions.
Starting from the 5th generation descendant of Wu family, Wu Yushan, who became a certified scholar in Guangxu’s final year of Qing dynasty, a private school was set up in the house to serve local students for free. This act was very much appreciated by the locals in Lieyu Township who subsequently called the Wu residence “Scholar Wu’s Abode.” This name was passed down through generations.
The layout and decorations of Scholar Wu’s Abode has a clear indication of master-subordinate relationship with a symmetric structure. The front is the lobby and the back is the main hall. In the main hall, you will find shrines for gods, ancestors, and pictures of the earlier descendants of the Wu family. On the beam, you will find the incense burner for the Jade Emperor, lantern of the Jade Emperor, lantern for the Wu family hanging. On the Wu family lantern, there’s writing of “Yan Ling Yan“.
Scholar Wu's Abode


Address No.25, Shangku, Lieyu Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours 09:00-17:00, daily except for TUE & THU

Admission charge Free

Recommended length of visit