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Tomb of Ciou Liang-gong

邱良功墓園 Closed

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  Ciou Liang-Gong began his career as an ordinary soldier but through valor in battle was ultimately promoted to Admiral of Zhejiang. In August 1809, Ciou led the pursuit of the pirate Tsai Chien and eventually forced Tsai to scuttle his own ship in despair. As reward, Ciou was named a Baron of the 3rd Rank. In 1817, he traveled to the capitol to receive his award but unfortunately passed away while returning home. The Imperial government granted him a burial with full honors and a posthumous promotion to general.

The Tomb of Ciou Liang-Gong is laid out in a manner befitting a Qing Dynasty military officer of the first rank. It is located in Siaojing Village and was built in 1819. The tomb faces the south and has pairs of stone servants, horses, tigers and sheep set at the front of the tomb. It is today the largest and most intact Qing Dynasty military officer's tomb in Kinmen.




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