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Jhongjheng Hall at Kinmen High School





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  Jhongjheng Hall is located on a piece of high ground between the West Gate of Jincheng and Siapu. It was originally built in October 1951, by the 3rd Battalion, 20th Brigade of the Army Engineers under the leadership of Battalion Commander Major Chang Tsai-Liang. Company commanders Liu Yun-Feng, Chen Huai-Li and Liao Kuang-yen were responsible for the design, Wang Yin-lan and Hsu Kan-chuan created the drawings and everyone in the battalion were involved in the construction. The entire building was completed in just 3 months. At the time, General Hu Lien was the commander of the Kinmen garrison. To demonstrate the spirit of cooperation between the military and civilian population on Kinmen, he personally carried rocks from Shancian Village two kilometers away to help build the wall around Jhongjheng Hall. This story has since become a part of the local folklore.

Jhongjheng Hall is an assembly building with three white galleries and a school museum at the front. At the back is a one-storey high 951m2 meeting space capable of hosting 900 people. Its impressive construction and the four-pillar three-opening gateway at the entrance has become the main gateway and landmark of Kinmen Senior High School. An interesting feature is the addition of rooftop vents to the vaulted roof. This was quite an advanced architectural feature at the time and of significant historical value.



TEL +886-82-326582

Address No.94, Guangqian Rd., Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours 08:00-17:00, daily

Admission charge Free

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