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Taiwu Mountain


Tuesday : 05:00 – 18:00




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At the top, there's a café and shop as well as the temple.

Enjoy fine views along the way, overlooking fields and the coastline. There are also a few historic spots.

There's a pleasant 2-km hike on paved paths up to the Buddhist temple at the top of Kinmen's highest point.


Mount Taiwu is situated at the center of Kinmen Island. Though it is only 253 meters high, it is the highest mountain in Kinmen. Mount Taiwu is an important place that commemorates Taiwan Strait Battle of August 23rd. Apart from climbing up to the top view point and hiking, the mountain is filled with cultural heritage such as Wu Wang Zai Ju and Haiin Temple, which are unique attractions in Kinmen.
Taiwu Mountain

There are four routes for climbing Mount Taiwu: Qianshan, Houshan, Caicuo Historic Trail, and Doumen Historic Trail. Qianshan is the start of Yuzhang Road to the north of the Mount Taiwu Public Cemetery. Houshan is the end of Yuzhang Road beside Pingtung Wenkang Center. Doumen and Caicuo Historic Trails are steeper and more challenging. It takes around two hours to climb Mount Taiwu. Yet, considering the historic attractions and scenery along the way, it is advisable to plan a half day trip.
12 Wonders at Mount Taiwu:
Zhanyue Pond, Xieyan Spring, Mianyun Stone, Kua-ao Stone, Daoying Pagoda, Yuji an Stone, Gushi Chamber, Shimen Guan, Qianzhang Bi, Yilan Ting, Yangai Song, Buyun Ti
During the Ming dynasty, literature thrived at Kinmen, and the literati at the time came to Kinmen for Mount Taiwu, so that the 12 Wonders of Mount Taiwu were well known.

Zheng Chenggong Playing Chess
It is the best place to overlook the entire Kinmen Island.

Wu-Wang-Zai-Ju Inscribed Rock

Haiyin Temple

Caicuo Historic Trail


Address Taiwu Mountain, Jinhu Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

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