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General Li Guang-Qian Temple





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Praying at General Temple of Li Guang-Qian for a smooth military life is a common memory among soldiers who have served in Kinmen.

A temple that answers your prayers if you have righteous thoughts


Praying at General Temple of Li Guang-Qian for a smooth military life is something that many soldiers who served in Kinmen have done. The Temple was built in memory of the regimental commander, Li Guang-Qian, who died fighting the enemies in the Battle of Guningtou.

Li Guang-Qian was from Pingjiang County of Hunan Province. In 1949, in spite of the tension of the Battle of Guningtou, and the Taiwan army having fallen into a disadvantaged position, Li Guang-Qian courageously led the troops in fighting the enemies. Unfortunately, he was killed in the battle. When the Battle of Guningtou ended, the local villagers, in memory of the soldiers who died protecting the country and people, offered sacrifices to them outside the village, and enshrined Li Guang-Qian as the main deity. The statue is dressed in a green military uniform and wears an army cap with a blue sky and white sun badge. The villagers worship him as a guiding deity in the ancient battlefield. In 1976, the Ministry of National Defense bestowed Li Guang-Qian as major general, and the locals later bestowed him as lieutenant general.
General Li Guang-Qian Temple

The Temple was rebuilt in 1997, and a stone monument was erected in front of it, symbolizing the final resting place of General Li Guang-Qian. Legend has it that with sincere prayers, General Li will try his best to fulfill the wishes. So why not pay a visit to the Temple when you are in Kinmen!


Management Unit Department of Tourism, Kinmem County Government

TEL +886-82-329234

Address No.101, Xiputou, Jinning Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours 08:00-17:00, daily

Admission charge Free


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