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Houpu 16 Arts Zone


Thursday : Open 24 hours a day




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Markets, movie screenings and concerts often take place here.

A great outdoor space to chat or enjoy liquor and tea.

Kinmen’s creative brands gather here.


The 16 shop houses next to the Houpu Chen Shi Ancestral Hall are public property of Kinmen’s Chen clansmen association. With the support of the Chen clansmen, the original houses have been kept through renovation and rejuvenation. Budding creative brands have been invited to open shops here and instill soft power into the Houpu district.
After entering Houpu 16 Arts Zone, you will see a series of unique shops with amazing creative products; for example, “QUEMOLICA” transforms majolica tiles commonly seen in Kinmen’s western-style buildings into practical everyday items through illustration and color re-combination; “Mixculture.Studio” creates products using different construction methods in Kinmen and introduces them to tourists. Other shops such as “jGarden”, “Local Teahouse” and “Rosengarten Bakery” are all worth visiting!

Houpu Majolica Tiles Alley
This project was jointly planned by Kinmen Island Association and Jincheng Township Office and executed by QUEMOLICA. The alley is adorned with colorful patterns of majolica tiles, turning the abandoned walls into a new attraction highlight.
Houpu 16 Arts Zone


TEL +886-82-325057

Address No.112, Juguang Rd., Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours Sunday : Open 24 hours a day
Monday : Open 24 hours a day
Tuesday : Open 24 hours a day
Wednesday : Open 24 hours a day
Thursday : Open 24 hours a day
Friday : Open 24 hours a day
Saturday : Open 24 hours a day

Admission charge Free


  • Light meals
  • Souvenir shopping

Recommended length of visit