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Shamei Wanan Tang





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According to the annals of Kinmen County, Shamei Wanan Tang Temple, established in the Yuan Dynasty, has a history of more than 700 years and is the oldest temple worshiping Emperor Baosheng in Kinmen County.

Emperor Baosheng is believed to be the "God of Medicine". In the old days, when medical care was not well-developed, people would visit the temple and ask the deity for treatment when their family members were sick. The result turned out to be affected at that time. Therefore, Emperor Baosheng has become the important god of medicine in the religious life of Kinmen. Wanan Tang has been renovated 3 times, and the current site is the place after the reconstruction.

In 2009, it was planned as a "Memorial Park of the Original Site of Wanan Tang" in accordance with the local environment and has a stone statue of Emperor Baosheng riding a horse, a stele recording his life events, and 12 Chinese zodiac fortune turning stones inside. The temple has been selected as the 100 religious scenes in Taiwan.


Address No.5, Zhongxiaoxincun, Jinsha Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours Open all day

Admission charge Free

Recommended length of visit


Nearby K-Bike Station