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Old Rushan Fort


Thursday : 08:30 – 17:00




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Located in the south of Zhongzheng Memorial Forest in Chinning Township, Old Rushan Fort is the highest spot in Zhongzheng Forest. The forest offers a bird's eye view and is suitable for inspection and protection. Besides, from here Xiamen can been by the naked eyes, which made it an important military base during wars. It has many military facilities such as bunkers, lookouts and artillery forts.

And there are various weapons and chariots on display after the fort became open to tourists. These displays include tank destroyers, light tanks, air defense radars, transport aircraft and fighter aircraft. Many wax statues can be seen at the artillery forts and bunkers to stimulate the operation of the weapons or postures of defense, which mirrors the actual scenes of wars at that time.

Old Rushan Fort also boasts one of "8 scenes of Wu Island". "Shuang Yang Chi Scenery", which depicts the sunny beautiful scenery of Shuangrushan after rain; viewing the place afar on the top of the mountain, visitor may also observe white vapors similar to mists and clouds, as well as the disappearing boundary between mountains and the sky, making it an unforgettable image that people won't want to miss.

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Address No.190, Taoyuan Rd., Jinning Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

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