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Caicuo Historic Trail





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Caicuo Travel Information Center provides mountaineering climbing sticks for rent.

There is a lookout on the top of the mountain where you can view the surrounding area.

There is a small segment of the trail that is bumpier, so you might need to use your hands for extra balance.


Caicuo Historic Trail is situated to the north of the foot of Mount Taiwu. When you start walking the trail from Caicuo Village to climb the mountain, you will see an old hiking trail. The trail consists of a series of stairs made of natural rocks. Since there are a lot of steps, locals call the trail “120 steps.”
In the earlier days, Caicuo Historic Trail was the shortest route if one wanted to go down the mountain from Shamei. The early settlers in Kinmen carried salt and tofu through the mountain top to the other side to sell, which helped form this salt and tofu path. The “WuZhou Road Building Monument”, aka Yuan Monument, is proof of how Kinmen was once a salt pan and attests to its historic value.
Caicuo Historic Trail

Situated at the entrance of Caicuo Historic Trail, Caicuo Travel Information Center is open from Tuesday to Sunday, providing mountaineering climbing sticks and wireless audio guides for rent. Also, it sells Kinmen’s creative handcrafts, light meals, and the only Asian pigeonwings tea on the Island. You can also make a reservation for a professional docent to guide you through the trail.
Caicuo Historic Trail

When you step on the old stone steps of various sizes, you will see the Yuan Monument, Small Fortress, Lover’s Bridge, Monk Stone, and Yuanlu Lake. The trail is mostly in the shade, so it is very pleasant to walk during the spring and autumn. There are places you might need to use your hands for extra balance, but there is a lookout on the mountain top for you to rest and enjoy the magnificent view of the mountain and ocean.
Caicuo Historic Trail



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