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Yu Dawei Memorial Hall


Wednesday : 08:30 – 17:00




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“Blue sky with a white sun” medal is kept here.

Some items from the former residence of Yu Dawei are displayed, allowing visitors to experience the history.


Yu Dawei Memorial Hall is built with a grey brick and green roof tile exterior. Along with the lush green outside of the house, the whole space is elegant and pleasant. When you walk inside, the first thing that greets you is the bust statue of Yu Dawei. “An extraordinary man specialized in both literary and martial art. A man with unique style.”—the couplet describes his character and talents well.

Yu Dawei Memorial Hall

Mr. Yu Dawei during the 823 Artillery Battle a.k.a. the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis (started on August 23rd , 1958) organized the troop and fought on the frontline with the troopers. For that he was highly respected during his lifetime. There are many displays in the memorial hall about Mr. Yu’s preferences and contributions in the war. The medals he received are also on display, among which the most eye-catching is the “Blue Sky with a White Sun” medal that is seen as a proof of exempt from death.
Yu Dawei Memorial Hall

Yu Dawei Memorial Hall is close to the August 23rd Artillery Battle Museum, Banyan Park, and Wei Lu (the former Hong residence). After visiting Yu Dawei Memorial Hall, you can also stop by these tourist spots to learn more about the war history of Kinmen.
Yu Dawei Memorial Hall

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