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Wuhu Mountain


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Callery pear trees can be seen next to the trail; their beautiful flowers bloom between February and March.

A lookout is provided here for visitors to enjoy the sunrise.

Home to Kinmen’s wild Indian Peafowls.


Wuhu Mountain is located near the Shanhou Settlement at an altitude of 127 meters. It is the second highest mountain in Kinmen. There is a lookout on the mountaintop and is perfect for hiking. You can not only overlook Shanhou Settlement, but also look out on China.
Wuhu Mountain Footpath was a military control zone for weapon drills with an expansive view. Since it had long been a control area with few people, the pristine forest has remained intact. There are a lot of native plants, insects, and birds. It is also possible to see Kinmen’s wild Indian Peafowls, which are of great ecological research value.

Wuhu Mountain Footpath is around 1.5 kilometers. There is a bike path from Maple Woods to the entrance of Wuhu Mountain Footpath and the scenery is gorgeous here. You can also enter from across the Shanhou Folk Culture Village, and the trail here is smoother. Around 20 minutes after entering the trail, you will reach Wuhu Mountain Lookout. Meanwhile, the Beiyue Temple next to the entrance was built in the Song dynasty. The main deity here is Beiyue Xuan Sheng God, also called Yuewang Gong by the locals. It is a highly visited temple in Kinmen.

Wuhu Mountain


Management Unit Department of Tourism, Kinmem County Government

Address Wuhu Mountain, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

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