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Mofan Street





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You can enjoy either traditional snacks or a restaurant meal.

Some of Kinmen's most innovative shops and cafes are here.

With its distinctive architecture, a stroll down historic Mofan Street will take you back in time.


In about 1640, the people walking in this area were soldiers. The famous Ming Dynasty commander Zheng Chenggong (also known as Koxinga), trained his men here, in preparation for his successful attack on the Dutch colonists in Tainan, expelling them from Taiwan.
The attractive red brick buildings you see now are thanks to a local businessmen association, which gathered funds in 1924 to build this one-of-a-kind (in Kinmen) set of shopfronts.

Model Street

The rhythmic rows of arches and pillars on both sides of the street are architectural influences from SE Asia. The fusion of Western colonial-style and Chinese architecture was popular during the early years of the Republic of China. This street was considered to be such a fine example, it was named "Model Street". 
Model Street

On Jan 1st, 2018, Mofan Street hit Taiwanese news when a local artist decided to display Chinese flags down one side of the street, and Taiwanese flags down the other.


Address Mofan Street, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours Most shops are open 10:00-18:00

Admission charge Free

Recommended length of visit


Nearby K-Bike Station